The second day of the Expo gave unique insights into the ambitious breeding and training of the Icelandic horses - and riders. The first stop was at the farm Þúfur, where the Expo group was welcomed by Mette Manseth and Gísli Gíslason.

Since 2003, Gísli Gíslason and Mette Manseth have lived at the farm Þúfur. Mette explained their career by a "Wall of Fame" with pictures and names of their important horses. One of their main breeding mares is for example Lygna frá Stangarholti. And at Þúfur they have also trained a lot of famous horses like Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum, Stormur frá Herríðarhóli, Finnbogi frá Minni-Reykjum, and many more. To explain what they are looking for when it comes to the conformation of the horse, Mette presented the 5-year-old eye-catcher Vívaldi frá Torfunesi, a son of Trymbill, who received 8.59 for conformation this summer.

In their breeding, Mette and Gísli mainly use the stallions and mares, which they have ridden themselves. Last, but not least, Mette presented her well-known stallion Hnokki frá Þúfum and explained how she develops the horses over a long period of time.

The second farm of today was the farm Varmilækur, known for the World Champion Tindur frá Varmalæk and a lot of other amazing horses. The Expo group got a warm welcome from the breeding veteran Björn Sveinsson, his lovely wife Magnea Guðmundsdóttir and their family. The visit started with an impressive show on the oval track, where Björn introduced his Nátthrafn frá Varmalæk, blessed with 9,05 riding abilities, to the sound of an Icelandic men's choir.

After the show, Magnea had prepared a mouthwatering lunch buffet with lots of different Icelandic specialities - followed by a walk in the fields where beautiful mares, youngsters and stallions were presented.

After two inspiring farm visits, Sveinn Ragnarsson, dean of the Department of Equine Science, and Anton Páll Nielsson, an experienced trainer and lecturer, welcomed the Expo participants to the next stop, the well-known Hólar Agricultural College. Anton Páll Nielsson gave a demonstration with a beautiful brown gelding followed by a small competition for Hólar students. A great way to gain insights into the training of riders and horses of this world famous school.

Afterwards the Expo guests paid a visit to the "Icelandic Horse History Center", the impressive horse museum at Hólar, and afterwards enjoyed a nice dinner with lots of time to discuss the experiences of the day. The Expo is again holding its promise!