The Horse Expo Spring is coming closer! From 3 - 8 April 2018 the Icelandic Horse Expo will be visiting some of the best breeding farms in the south, attend amazing horse shows and get close to Icelandic nature and cuisine.

Like last year you can now prepare for your trip – or get tempted to join us before we are fully booked – by reading our brand new interviews with the participating breeders. First, we proudly present Austurkot:



Austurkot is a horse farm situated in the south of Iceland, only 55 km from the city of Reykjavik and 3 km from the town of Selfoss. Austurkot is owned by Hugrún Jóhannsdóttir and Páll Bragi Hólmarsson, who are both certified horse trainers and riding teachers (FT).

“We are breeding horses on a professional level. We are really proud of our many first price mares and are enjoying to have good stables and fields for our horses. We have been living on the farm since 1999. 

One of our best breeding achievements must be the mare Álfadrottning fro Austurkot. At Landsmót in 2012 she came second among the 7 years old mares. From the breeding assessment she has 9 for head and legs, but also for pace, spirit and generel impression. 

We get 10 foals every year and our main goal is to breed beautiful horses that have a great mind and spirit. The horses should be willing to work together with the rider and enjoy working. We also strive to breed horses with long legs, a well-set neck and muscled back. 

We are looking forward to welcome the Horse Expo guests - and we are sure that everybody will be enjoying the great horses and good coffee here at Austurkot.”