The Icelandic Horse Expo is neither a sales show nor an exhibition. It is rather an opportunity for horse lovers from outside Iceland to come and experience the Icelandic horse in its natural surroundings, to build bridges and friendships across countries. 

On our way around South Iceland we will also get to know Knutur and Helena at Friðheimar better. 

"Friðheimar is a greenhouse and a horse breeding farm. It's an open farm were we welcome 160.000 guests every year to visit our stable and greenhouse where we also have a restaurant. 

During the summer months, Friðheimar offers its own horse show: A Meeting with the Icelandic Horse, available in fourteen different languages, with an accompaniment of lively Icelandic music.  And all year around we also offer a visit to our stable were we tell about the Icelandic horse and show one horse in all 5 gaits.

We have build up our farm since 1995 when we bought it.  Knutur Armann finished Hólar in 1994 and Helena the horticulture in Gardyrkjuskólinn Hveragerdi also in 1994.

Horses have been bred at Friðheimar since 1995,  8 horses have been shown at breeding evaluations, of which 4 received first prize – an overall score of 8.0 or higher. The stud is now raising some very promising colts – and our mares are only bred with prize-winning stallions.

Horse breeding is a long-term business, but now each year two or three promising youngsters are ready to start training. Friðheimar owns a total of about forty five horses.  

Ever since we started breeding horses at Friðheimar in 1995, our aim has been to breed willing, good-looking individuals with good neck and shoulders and a good disposition. We place a lot of emphasis on good tölt, high graceful leg action and style, preferably five-gaiters, or good riding horses with extended gaits and speed.

Stallions from various bloodlines are bred with the mares, and we make sure to select an outstanding stud to cover each mare."