The Icelandic Horse Expo takes you to some of the best breeding farms in Iceland. We get to talk with both the owners and horse trainers on the farms - and best of all - everyone enjoys to share their passion with you:


"At Halakot you will find the fantastic history of the Icelandic horse and the inspiration in meeting your future friend and horse. Here you will find beautiful talented horses with strong over-line that carry themselves well, have good proportion and stable mentality. In addition to the breeding and training of horses, Svanhvít is a top competition rider and an appreciated instructor. With her extensive and long experience, she helps both rider and horse to reach their goals.

Many of the top horses bred at the farm Halakoti are under under the two famous mares Glóð frá Grjóteyri and Oddrún frá Halakoti. Glóð is mother to Glóðafeykir, Glódis, Glóey och Glóinn fra Halakoti. Alfarún is the offspring of Oddrún and the famous stallion Oddur frá Selfossi with ride ability score 8,86 year 1994. Oddur frá Selfoss who received the honorprice for offspring in 2002 has given important contributions to Halakots bloodlines.

One of our most famous stallions Glóðafeykir frá Halakoti, was bred and trained by us and won B-flokk at Landsmot with his best friend Einar Öder Magnusson in 2012."