Last day of the Expo 2018!

At the last day of the Expo, the company Gauksmýri was on the program. Jóhann Albertsson owns the company together with his children Albert & Hrund and his son-in-law Gunnar Páll. Gauksmýri is located right in the middle of Akureyri and Reykjavik; 194 kilometers in both directions. The people of Gauksmýri lives mainly from tourism. From May to October, daily shows about the history of the Icelandic horse and its gaits are presented on the oval track. The normal show lasts about an hour including a visit to the stables. For the show they use horses from their own breeding, which is why the character and the look of the horses are very important to them. Most guests combine the show with a meal in the attractively decorated restaurant.

The farm has two breeding lines, one is Gauksmýri and the other is Hellnafelli, the original company of Kolla, the girlfriend of Jóhann Albertsson. All foals are born on Gauksmýri, but Kolla does not want to give up her stable name. At the farm they mainly use their own stallions, but other great stallions are also regularly used. As a special treat for the Horse Expo guests, they had brought home several young horses and mares with foals. A lot of the young horses were after their own stallion, Karri frá Gauksmýri, an Alfur frá Selfossi-son. Karri is judged with a total of 8.62 including 9 for back, tölt, trot, pace, spirit and general impression. From the Hellnafelli-line they currently use, among others, the stallion Jaðrakan, an interesting Dynur frá Hvammi-son.

This was the end of another great Expo week! Thanks a lot to all the participants and all the farms, that once again gave us a very warm Icelandic welcome!

The Icelandic Horse Expo continues with the spectacular South event from 2. - 7. April 2019 - and from the 24. - 29. September 2019 you can experience the magnificent North yourself!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in 2019!