In Sauðárkrókur the Icelandic Horse Expo group will get to meet the succesful rider and breeder Þórarinn Eymundsson - also known as Tóti. He will show some horses but also tell about his way of training the horses. As the photo below also tells, we just recently saw Tóti compete at the World Championships in Holland where he was ridning Narri frá Vestri-Leirárgörðum.  

“I have breed a few first prize horses but I highest judged horse is a stallion called Nói from Saurbæ. Our breeding is on a small-scale and we get 3 - 5 foals each year. We are focusing on breeding horses that are fun and easy to ride. Fun horses are those who have good gates, forward and positive character and a conformation that makes it easier for them to perform. But first of all I focus on the mares. My goal is to own and breed with at least one mare that only gives good or super good offsprings - that is one of the most important key for success in breeding. 

I am looking forward to meet interested people. People that love the Icelandic horse and share the same passion for breeding and the Icelandic horse in general. Get to know them a little and that they get to know me, my work and my thoughts better."

Narri tölt HM.jpg