Have you ever traveled across Iceland on horse back? Many tourists enjoy the beautiful nature from horse back and at the farm we present today tourists are a part of the daily life: 


Gauksmýri is situated in Húnaþing vestra in the northwest of Iceland. The people at Gauksmýri are running a quite extensive tourism business with emphasis on horse related activities alongside a hotel and restaurant. In addition to that organised breeding has been practiced at the farm for 20 years.

Gauksmýri is a family run business. Jóhann Albertsson began farming and construction of the farm in 1997 alongside with his former wife Sigríður Lárusdóttir, who has sadly passed away. Jóhann´s current partner is Kolbrún Grétarsdóttir, a well known horse photographer and trainer, who breeds horses from Hellnafell. Therefore horses bred from Gauksmýri are from Gauksmýri and Hellnafell. Jóhann´s daughter Hrund and her fiancé Gunnar Páll Helgason run the business today with Jóhann and Kolbrún. 

“We offer horse shows for tourists where the Icelandic horse is presented. The priority is that tourists can get in close contact with the horse and get to experience the life and work on a horse farm. We also offer horse rental and riders can stay on the farm with lessons and trek riding with the option of relaxation and pampering that is called „Stay on the horse farm“.

Our horse breeding emphasizes on breeding beautiful horses that benefit the operations of the farm i.e. performing in horse shows and competition in addition to being suitable for the widest range of riders. We get about 8-10 foals a year. 

All of our breeding mares are 1st prize or have good 2nd prize evaluation. Today the farm owns four 1st prize stallions. The most recognised is Karri frá Gauksmýri IS200915550 who has the highest assessment. Karri has been used quite a lot on the farm in the last few years, but of course we look for desirable stallions from other farms. Our young horses that are awaiting training this fall are for example sired by Spuni frá Vesturkoti, Sjóður frá Kirkjubæ, Karri frá Gauksmýri, Freyðir frá Leysingjastöðum, Gandálfur frá Selfossi and Aríon frá Eystra-Fróðholti.

We are looking forward to show the Icelandic Horse Expo guest our lodge and the horses from Gauksmýri!”