Many famous breeding farms are located in the northern part of Iceland. And next week the Icelandic Horse Expo group visit one of them. Many of you properly know at least one of the horses from this farm - and even your own ridning horse might be related to the horses from: 


Miðsitja is located in the heart of Skagafjörđur near by Vindheimamelar, a Landsmót location for many years. Horses have been bred in Miðsitja since Iceland was settled, but organized horse breeding has been practiced there for almost 40 years. Miðsitja is a traditional breeding farm for Icelandic horses thanks to Sólveig Stefánsdóttir and Jóhann Þorsteinsson (Jói Vakri) that lived there and bred horses for more than 20 years. They based their breeding on offsprings out of Perla frá Reykir and Gustur frá Sauðárkrókur (Höfða Gustur). Their most famous offsprings are Krafla and Kveikur frá Miðsitja. Kveikur is the father of many of the best breeding mares in Iceland. And everyone knows the offsprings of Krafla. These are horses like Keilir, Kraflar and Katla, whose son is Spuni frá Miðsitja. Magnús took over Miðsitja in 2004 and started his own breeding by following the traditions of the former owners: 

“I chose to use daughters of Kveikur frá Miðsitja as my breeding mares and mixed them with the blood of Gustur frá Sauðárkrókur, when it was possible. I used Roði frá Múli on most of my mares, as he is a son of a Gustur daughter. Our best breeding mare was Björk frá Hólar, a daughter of Viðar frá Vidvík. She has given us a number of first class horses. The best known is Blær frá Miðsitja. He has been the highest judged horse both in Skagafjörđur and in Iceland. He is the son of Arður frá Brautarholt who is a son of Askja frá Miðsitja. So it all leads back to Miðsitja. The last few years we have renewed many of our mares as I have new partners working with me at Miðsitja: Ása and Birgir, who have great ambitions to the take the breeding of Miðsitja to an even higher level.

Our goal is to have 5-7 foals every year, all from first class breeding mares. Furthermore, we'll only use the best stallions available, according to our taste.

We want to breed nice horses with a great temperament. We like the horses to be easy to brake in and pleasant to ride for the average rider. We mainly breed 5-gaited horses and concentrate on the quality of the tölt. We export most of our horses and we love to have happy customers all over Europe, that we can call friends of Miðsitja.

When choosing the stallion for our mares we look at many different things, but we definitely like them to have 9 for the following abilities: Tölt, form under rider, slow tölt, neck and shoulder, and proportions.

We are happy to have the guests from Horse Expo visiting us and we are looking forward to meet all of you next Friday, share a good time and show all of our young horses.”