The countdown for Horse Expo Fall-North 2017 has begun! Let's start the preparations for this spectacular event by presenting the great farm:


Hafsteinsstaðir is located in Skagafjörður in Northwest Iceland, 10 km south of Sauðárkrókur.

The owners and managers are Hildur Claessen and Skapti Steinbjörnsson. They have 3 sons, Steinbjörn Arent, Jón Haukur and Skapti Ragnar. Along with Hildur and Skapti are their youngest son Skapti Ragnar and his girlfriend Elin Rós who both have graduated with B.Sc. in Riding & Riding Instructions from Hólar University. Skapti Steinbjörnsson is a qualified trainer and riding instructor C from Hólar. Hildur also works as a Bowen therapist.

“Here at Hafsteinsstaðir we train and sell horses of our own breeding and we usually have horses at different stages for sale. 

Hafsteinsstaðir has been nominated to the Breeding farm of the Year Award three times, in 1999, 2001 and 2003, and also received the price Skagafjörður’s Breeding farm of the year 2003, 2010 and 2011. Brynja from Hafsteinsstaðir received the highest score for Breeding Horse of the Year 1991 and Fáni from Hafsteinsstaðir received the top score of the year in 1995. At the WC in Switzerland 1995 Fáni and Skapti came in first place in the breeding class younger stallions. At Landsmót 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2016 Hafsteinsstaðir received the show‘s Best Breeding Farm award. 

Toppa from Hafsteinsstaðir received 1st prize for her offspring in 1980 and she is the source to a long and successful line of horses. 

Hugi from Hafsteinsstaðir received honorary price for offsprings at Landsmót at Vindheimamelar in 2006.

Today our main stallion is Oddi from Hafsteinsstaðir who has 8.53 for riding ability as a fourgaiter.

Our aim is to breed high quality horses with excellent gaits and temperament. Usually we receive five to seven foals each year. This summer our choice in stallions was Spuni from Vesturkoti, Glúmur from Dallandi, Dofri from Sauðárkróki, Hálfmáni from Hafsteinsstaðir and Oddi from Hafsteinsstaðir.

We are really looking forward to welcome Horse Expo at Hafsteinsstaðir 2017.”