The last day of the Icelandic Horse Expo offered two more interesting farm visits, open stable at Daniel Jonsson’s and a visit to the riding club Fákur. And then the Expo ended with a ‘grande finale’ - the stallion show Stóðhestaveislan 2017.

We started the day at Austurás, where Haukur told us about the interesting thoughts behind their 10 year old stable - regarding the interior design and the amount of space, light and air. Afterwards he showed us the king of the stable, Draupnir frá Stuðlum, followed by a demonstration of their work with the young horses and some presentations of young, promising mares. Every Expo guest got a nice hat as a farewell present when leaving Austaurás after a great visit.  

The last farm visit of this Expo was at Sunnuhvoll, a farm that is also characterized with new facilities, designed with a lot of passion. Arnar Bjarki presented the family, the stable and their horses. He also demonstrated a training session with the horse Glæsir and explained his philosophy of training young horses. At Sunnuhvoll we also got a very delicious soup for lunch. The visit ended at the oval track, where some very beautiful horses was presented. 

The next point of the Expo agenda was a visit to a well-known horseman: Daniel Jónsson. Daniel welcomed us with the smell of grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. What a treat! Subsequently we had the opportunity to walk around in the stable and experience some of the best horses in Iceland right now. 

Next up was a reception at Fákur, a riding club with a long history and great facilities. We were introduced to the thoughts behind Landsmót 2018 and the reception ended with a highlight: A game, where the happy winner got a ticket for Landsmót! 

The Expo ended with a phenomenal show, Stóðhestaveislan 2017, where an impressive amount of spectacular stallions were presented. A perfect closure to a great week, packed with passionate talks about and demonstrations of our amazing Icelandic horses - by the welcoming Icelandic people. 


See you at the Icelandic Horse Expo in the Northern part of Iceland from September 29 to October 1, 2017!

Photos by Daniela Greis. Words by ALTHING.