On the fourth day of The Icelandic Horse Expo we got to see some really great horses - both when visiting Árbakki, Árbæjarhjáleiga and Kirkjubær. But also at the evening event where we experienced the intense and exciting atmosphere at the grand finale in this years Meistaradeildn - a big indoor competition held during the winter in the Southern part of Iceland. 

We started the day at Árbakki where Hinni and Hulda showed us their wonderful place and great facilities. They showed us some of their up coming competition horses - and Hinni also showed this competition horse Pistill fro Litlu-Brekku, a son of Moli frá Skriðu.

Hulda showed us Valur frá Árbakka, a son of Hnokki frá Fellskoti, and she also showed us and explained how the horses on Árbakki are trained and educated and what is important for them in the training.

Hinni welcomes and explains about the breeding at Árbakki. 

Hinni welcomes and explains about the breeding at Árbakki. 

The bus took us a bit further and we stopped at Árbæjarhjáleiga. The family met us on the gravel road with a group of ridden horses - among others the king of the stable Jarl frá Árbæjarhjáleigu, and his 5-year old son Snorri who is very similar to him. We got very delicious grilled lamb from their own breeding for lunch and afterwards a presentation of the horses. 

And then we got a surprise - or everyone did: The first lamb this year was born on the farm during our visit - he might get the name „Expo”!

As the last farm this day we stopped by Kirkjubær. During the wintertime the horses are kept in a stable nearby the riding hall in Hvolsvölllur - but they just arrived back to Kirkjubær again three days ago. And as they explained: “In spring and summer Kirkjubær is the most wonderful place on the earth and that´s why we move the horses again in the end of the winter.” 

As many might know - at Kirkjubær they aimed for a long time only to breed chestnut colored horses with a blue eye and white mane. They not do that anymore - but the breeding is based on 4 black mares. 

There are still chestnut colored horses at Kirkjubær! 

There are still chestnut colored horses at Kirkjubær! 

Even though we didn’t visit more farms this day the program wasn’t over! In the evening we went to the popular Champions League - Meistaradeildn. We got to see the best tölt horses in Iceland! The atmosphere in the riding hall was great and the goosebumps took over your body. 

All in all a great day packed with impressive presentations, good food and great people! 

Photos by Daniela Greis. Words by ALTHING.