Day 3 of The Icelandic Horse Expo was filled with interesting talks about breeding and impressive presentations of beautiful mares and powerful stallions. Join us in visiting Kjarr, Kirkjuferjuhjáleiga, Vesturkot and Þóroddstaðir - followed by Breeders' Night. We might also have a small surprise for you the end of the article! 

We started the day visiting Helga and Helgi at Kjarr - combined with a visit from Kirkjuferjuhjáleiga. Here Trausti, the owner of Kirkjuferjuhjáleiga and a very well-known trainer and riding instructor, explained about the breeding on his farm - especially related to the concept of "Tölt in harmony“. Related to that we got a very interesting demonstration of "Tölt in harmony" in the riding hall. We also got to see six of the impressive horses from Kjarr being ridden outside - including the stallions Máfur frá Kjarri and Stúfur frá Kjarri (se photo below). 

Next up was Vesturkot, home of the famous stallion Spuni frá Vesturkoti, who is of course outstanding to meet. The horses in the stables were presented during a stroll along the boxes. After that we enjoyed a well prepared lunch including a very delicious dessert. We are really being spoiled at the farms! The visit ended with a great ridden presentation of three beautiful Spuni-daugthers. 

Last farm of day 3 was Þóroddstaðir, an old farm with a long tradition of breeding. Bjarni told us the story of the farm, explained their breeding goals and mentioned some of the exceptional horses from the breed. At Þóroddstaðir they also presented four young, very special and very talented horses. One of them, a young mare, was shown in the riding hall. And as Bjarni said, “This is a horse that we are going to hear more about in the future!”

A day of amazing horses and great stories ended with “Breeders Night”, where we got the opportunity to get even more insight and to participate in nice discussions about the breeding of the horses we love. 

Pssssst… We are now accompanied by a Swedish television crew! And it’s very exciting what they will come up with afterwards. One thing is for sure: They’ll learn a lot about the Icelandic horse breed on this trip! 

Photos by Daniela Greis. Words by ALTHING.