The main focus at The Icelandic Horse Expo is the breeding of this horse breed that we all love so much. You will get to meet some of the most famous horses - both mares and stallions - when visiting the farms. And when visiting Kjarr there is no exception. 


The farm Kjarr is located between Hveragerði and Selfoss, about a 45 minute drive from Reykjavík. The owners - Helga and Helgi - have three children that all have an interest in horses, and the youngest son Eggert Helgason is now in his second year in Hólar.

“It has been 36 years since we moved to Kjarr and started our horse breeding. Since then 250 foals have been born at Kjarr - we used to get 5-6 foals each year but now it’s about 8-11.

Our main breeding goal is to breed five gaited horses with great tölt, willing and cooperative spirit and an excellent temperament. We want our horses to be fun and enjoyable for everyone. The horses should be light built with a fine neck and a strong back and croup.

When we are choosing stallions for our mares we try to use stallions that come close to fulfilling our breeding goal. We usually use stallions in their mid-age that we have seen with our own eyes, whose offsprings we have also examined. We think it is more important to use a stallion with proven breeding results as opposed to young, untested stallions. Our mares are also invaluable to our breeding program, and though it is desirable to use mares with high breeding score, we place higher value on mares that are cooperative and fun to work with.


Our greatest breeding achievements must be Stáli and Stjarna frá Kjarri. In 2006 Stáli (m. Jónína frá Hala and f. Galsi frá Sauðárkróki) received 8.26 for conformation, 9,09 for ridden abilities and a total score of 8,76. In 2011 he was awarded first prize for offspring, and in 2014 he received honor price for his offspring. Stjarna (m. Þruma frá Selfossi and f. Gustur frá Hóli) received a judgment of 8.39 for conformation, 8,21 for ridden abilities and a total score of 8,28. In 2015 she too received an honor prize for her offspring.

We are looking forward to welcome the Horse Expo at Kjarr. We will enjoy meeting other people with passion for the Icelandic Horse, in order to show them our farm and discuss our breeding. Come enjoy a cup of coffee with us as we show you our wonderful riding, brood mares and foals.”

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