What is the process of taking a young promising horse and creating a fully developed „gæðingur“? The breeding farms show us their young horses, ridning horses and future stars! 


Sigurður Haraldsson and his family came to Kirkjubær in the year of 1967. Ágúst his son took over in1993 and he is the breeder and owner and his son Hjörvar and daughter in-law Hanna Rún live in Kirkjubær and take care of the farm and train the horses.

About the breeding at Kirkjubær Hjörvar tells: 

“We aim for horses with excellent gaits and character, simply horses that we like to ride and enjoy ourselves. 

We are extremely careful when it comes to choosing stallions for our mares. That is the most important moment in our breeding work. Only the best is good enough! The same is true when we are selecting new breeding mares – we need to know them well and like them a lot if they are to become part of our breeding stock.

These 5 horses are the highest judged breeding horses from Kirkjubær.

  1. Rauðhetta frá Kirkjubæ 
  2. Sjóður frá Kirkjubæ
  3. Fjóla frá Kirkjubæ
  4. Veröld frá Kirkjubæ
  5. Þyrnirós frá Kirkjubæ

The best horses we have breed the most recent years must be Sjóður who won among the 4 year old stallions in Landsmót 2011, Fjóla which was the second highest 6 years old mare at Landsmót in 2008 and Valgarð who came second among the 4 years old stallions at Landsmót in 2016. 

We are looking forward to welcome the Horse Expo guests - to meet interesting people and introduce them to our breeding farm.

The guests can be looking forward to see a selection of our horses from the youngest ones to the oldest. Both the ones in training which we aim to show and compete on next summer and the ones we hope will be future stars.”