Between 3500-5000 foals are born in Iceland every year. Some of the breeding farms only get a few foals every year and some get quite a lot. On your way around Iceland you'll find out that no matter the number of breeding mares, quality comes before quantity. 


Fet is located in south of Iceland, an hour away from Reykjavik. Just before you enter the town Hella you see farm next to highway no. 1. Fet has great facilities for both breeding and training of the horses. 

About the breeding on Fet, Ólafur Andri Guðmundsson tells: 

“We have been breeding horses for over 25 years. Every year there are born around 25 foals. From Fet has been showed 125 first price horses and 5 horses have received honor price for offsprings, which is the highest award you can get. Fet has been nominated 17 times as breeding farm of the year and won it 3 times, 1998, 2004 and 2007. We have also been nominated 2 times for competition farm of the year.

Fet breeding is built on a strong background, coming from bloodlines like Orri frá Þúfa and Krafla frá Miðsitju. Our breeding goal is to bread horses with beautiful building, focusing on a nice neck and shoulder. Good quality gaits and nice character.

When matching the mares with stallions we want them to complement each other, but we always want great tölt and strong bloodline.

We are looking forward to show you everything from young promising horses up to high quality and well educated horses.”

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