At the Horse Expo in April we visit some of the most popular and famous breeding farms and training stables. You get to hear from the best of the best about breeding, training and presentation of the Icelandic horse - both when it comes to young horses, starting the youngsters and preparing for the breeding and sports track. Hinrik and Hulda at Árbakki shows a lot of horses in the tracks during the season.  


Árbakki is located near Hella, at the salmon river Ytri-Rangá. Here is about 200 hektars good grassland, ideal for horses, with small lakes and a lot of grass. 

“We have been living in Árbakki since 2005 and started breeding horses then, on a small scale though, and have been doing so since then. At Árbakki we run our breeding but also our horse exporting company Hestvit ehf, which was the biggest horse exporting company in the year of 2016. In our new stable and riding hall we train our own horses, sales horses and competition horses. We also give clinics all over the world and also teach a lot at home and all around Iceland. 

We are sport riders, both of us riding on the highest level, have participated in World championships several times and therefore we would like to breed sport horses. So that is our goal.  A good sport horse has a good character, great gaits, big movements and steps and are well built and easy for anybody to ride.  We get about 8-10 foals a year, all from first price mares and first price stallions, many of which have been successful in sport and breeding.  We lay our pride in quality, all our foals are DNA tested and we ride most of our young horses before we sell them. 

When we look for a mare or a stallion, we think of how they look - long legs and a well arched neck and topline are important.  Then the clear gaits but first of all is the character, which has to be stable and positive. If the character isn’t good, all the other things do not matter.  

We have been participating in the Horse Expo since it began and are happy to welcome our visitors - some have been here before, some haven’t. We are looking very much forward to seeing you all here and we will certainly have something nice to show you, even some surprises!”