Many people in Iceland are growing up with the horses as a natural part of their life. The children goes horse back ridning even before they walk and later on they help with the daily run of the farm - and some might even take over the business.


Árbæjarhjáleiga is located in the south of Iceland - close to the town Hella. Marjolijn and Kristinn have owned the farm and lived here with their two daughters Hekla Katharína and Rakel Nathalie since 1992.

About the breeding at Árbæjarhjáleiga Hekla Katharína tells: 

“We have had good luck with some truly great horses from our farm. The highest judged is Jarl frá Árbæjarhjáleigu which has a total of 8.78 in the breeding assessment. 8.50 for conformation and 8.96 for ridden abilities. We are also proud to say that his first offspring was shown in the year 2015. Þökk frá Árbæjarhjáleigu was the highest judged four-year-old mare at the breeding assessment that year in Iceland with a total of 8.27 - 8.24 for conformation and 8.29 for ridden abilities. She actually got a higher score in the year 2016 - a total of 8.41 and now she is one of our new breeding mares and pregnant with Organisti frá Horni. In total we get about 15 – 20 foals each year.

Our breeding line is strongly connected to the great Ófeigur frá Flugumýri. Five of our breeding mares are his daughters. The qualities that we like so much from Ófeigur are the strong characters with a lot of movement and a great willingness. We would say that we breed our horses with the goal of having horses with a good character, charismatic looks, big movements and five good gaits with a big emphasis on good and clear beated tölt. We focus a lot on certain qualities in our breeding - I would say we go a lot by feeling. What feeling does the stallion or mare give you when you see it or ride it. We try to use our instinct.

The whole family are looking forward to welcome this year’s Horse Expo guests. We are really excited. Jarl will be showed as well some of his off springs. We have a lot of new talents in the stable which will hopefully show their best. Also, we will have some traditional food ready.

We are really looking forward to welcome Horse Expo at Árbæjarhjáleiga and show the fruit of our breeding.”

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