The Icelandic horse is spectacular. It’s known for its great character, the power and willingness to work, the supple tölt and fast pace - and not the least: It comes in many beautiful colors. Today we present:


Austurás is a farm located about 1.5 km from Selfoss, around 45 minuts from Reykjavík. The owners -  Haukur and Ragga - build the farm in 2007 so it is rather young breeding farm.

“We own the Toyota retailer in Selfoss so we are training horses after work. Therefore we also have a horse trainer working together with us at Austurás. Ásta Björnsdóttir, riding teacher from Hólar is helping us training the horses and running the farm. The stable have space for 23 horses. 

We get 4-7 foals each year. At the moment we are training some very exiting and promising horses born 2013 after Álfur from Selfoss. Our main goal is to breed good sport horses with good and easy temperament, clear gaits and good willing. 

When choosing the right stallion for the mare we are looking at many things - it’s important to match temperament, movements, the clear gaits, confirmation, the bloodline and so on. It is really important for us to know the temperament of the stallions we are using very well. And during our breeding we have also learned that it is extremely important to have the “right” breeding mare.  If you are so lucky to find the “right” mare then you can be on the right way to breed really good horses.  

When joining the Horse Expo we are looking forward to meet and know more people who has the same passion, when we present our farm and the horses from Austurás.

We are looking forward to let the guests see promising young mares and stallions - and we hope they like palomino and pinto colors!”