The Horse Expo Spring is coming closer! From 4. - 8. April 2017 the Icelandic Horse Expo will be visiting some of the best breeding farms in the south, attend amazing horse shows and get close to Icelandic nature and cuisine.

Like last year you can now prepare for your trip – or get tempted to join us before we are fully booked – by reading our brand new interviews with the participating breeders. First, we proudly present Strandarhöfuð:


Strandarhöfuð is a farm located on the south coast of Iceland about one hour drive from Reykjavik. Standarhöfuð has been a horse breeding farm for many years but has only been run by current owners Guðmundur Már Stefansson and Auður M. Möller along with their family for 13 years. Guðmundur is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Auður is in charge of running the farm.

About the farm, routines and breeding Guðmundur and Auður tell: 

“Every year we get between 8-10 foals. We have been very fortunate with the offsprings and at the moment there are a lot of promising horses in training and some of them already successful competition and breeding horses.

Our breeding goals are: To breed spirited high stepping “Gæðingur” meant for competition. We put a lot of emphasis on good temperament and clear gaits.  When choosing a stallionwe look for these factors but also go with what our heart tells us. When choosing stallions for are breeding mares our main focus is not only on their riding ability score but also their accomplishments on and off the track, bloodline and offsprings.

We have between 2-4 trainers working at Standarhöfuð - depending on the time of the year. At the moment our trainers are Ásmundur Ernir Snorrason, Stella Sólveig Pálmarsdóttir, Edda Rún Guðmundsdóttir and Sara Sigurbjörnsdóttir. They are all young trainers with a lot of experience in competition, from early childhood, and also accomplished riders in breeding shows. 

We are looking forward to The Horse Expo visit to our farm, to get to know more people who share the same passion as we do and to make new friends in the Icelandic horse world.” 

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