The last day at the Icelandic Horse Expo started with a dip in the cosy hot pot followed by a great breakfast in the cottages of Hestasport in Varmahlíð where Katja and her team have made our stay absolutely perfect. At this Icelandic Horse Expo you could choose whether you liked to stay in a cottage or in a hotel room at Hotel Varmahlíð.   

We packed our bags and at 10 am the bus picked us up. Next – and last – stop at the Icelandic Horse Expo Fall 2016 was Lækjamót.

Sonja, Friðrik, Vigdís and Þórir welcomed us in the stable Sindrastaðir. The family runs the place together. The stable was built in 2014 and has top modern facilities. The new and the old stable have room for more than 65 horses in training. In the summertime the horses are in the highlands and today we got to see some of the mares and foals that just came back from the big fields.

After an introduction by Sonja about the farm and breeding, Þórir did a demonstration with a young horse in the riding hall. Everybody was listening carefully when the experienced trainer told about how to start a young horse and preparing it for being a riding horse. 

On our way back to Reykjavík we made a bonus stop at Esjuberg to see the result of a lottery ticket for a covering that one of our guests, Erhard, won at the Horse Expo tour two years a go; a nice brown stallion foal. Maybe he will call him “Expo”? The stop gave us the pleasant opportunity to see yet another lovely herd.