With the blue sky as a panoramic background we drove into Skagafjörður in the morning. First stop of the day: Hafsteinsstaðir

At Hafsteinsstaðir Skapti, his wife Hildur and their children do everything by themselves. The family is working together on the farm – taking care of and training the horses. We got to see the powerful Oddi frá Hafsteinsstaðum, who did really well at Landsmót this year. Beside that we can tell that Hildur might make the best kleinur in Skagafjörður!

The horses are stunning in Skagafjörður, but today we also saw another inspiring industry at the tannery Sútarinn. Fish skin and fur in all various colors. The tannery has been awarded with prices for their way of handling the skin without any kind of toxic.

We drove on the winding roads and ended up at Hof. Here Lilja Palmarsdottir welcomed us in her beautiful stable, which has been totally rebuilt after she moved back to the farm again in 2002. The sun was warming us outside while we had a wonderful barbeque next to the big mountains and Lilja showed us some of her horses before we left.

On the road again and at the next stop something really extraordinary was waiting. We made a turn on the road and drove on the bumpy road for quite a while. At the end of the road by the sea we ended up at a place where history has been written The bloodlines from Kolkuós has a special place in the history of the Icelandic horse. Valgeir told us about the place where the sagas about the horses started.

Going from history to the present we met Mette Manseth at Þúfur. Mette was well prepared for the visit with a homemade board connecting the breeding on the farm to the mare that she got as salary when she started to work with horses in Iceland: Lygna frá Stanggarholti. Before we left Gísli brought home all the young horses that had been in the valleys for the summer.

It’s a tradition that before Laufskálarétt a big show is held in the riding hall in Skagafjörður. Many people are in the area because of the horses gathering – and what´s then more natural than celebrating the passion of the Icelandic horse together? We spent the evening with good horses and great vibes in the riding arena.

Tomorrow the Icelandic Horse Expo will be joining in at the old tradition at Laufskálarétt where the herd of more than 1000 horses are gathered in the corals.