The day started with coffee and interesting talks in the stable at Varmaland. Sigurgeir and Birna told about their breeding and showed us amazing young horses in the riding hall. They not only talked about the horses but also their great facilities. At Varmaland they have an Aqua Icelander water trainer and a dryer with vibrating floor and infrared solarium. We got to see a mare using her power and muscles while walking in the water.


Second stop on this fantastic day in Skagafjörður was at Varmalækur. The beautiful brown stallion Kunningi frá Varmalæk, a son of Tindur frá Varmalæk, welcomed us in the riding hall. Just when walking into the stable you felt the good mood – the men were singing traditional Icelandic songs and Björn and Magnea proudly showed us around in the top modern stable.

After having an imposing lunch we where driving further into the bay hitting towards Vatnsleysa – the home of the famous stallion Glampi frá Vatnsleysu. He is still going strong, now 27 years old. Arndís and Björn have lived together on the farm for the last 20 years. The view over the mountains and Skagafjörður was fantastic and on the field just next to the stable we met the two stallions Lord and Hraunar together with their mares.

All three farms leaved a long lasting impression. Filled with inspiration we drove to Hólar in Hjaltadalur – the University College highly specialized in equine science, aquaculture and aquatic biology, and tourism studies. Sveinn Ragnarsson introduced us to the breeding at Hólar. The aim of the breeding is to breed horses that develop as well educated horses for the school so riders from all over the world can become good horse trainers when being students at Hólar. The students showed horses that were in the being of their career as riding horses but also older horses from the breeding.

And before dinner we were caught in a time warp when Kristinn Hugason told about the history of the Icelandic horse at the museum at Hólar.

These were just small highlights from yet another great day in the North of Iceland. Tomorrow will bring us new adventures!