One bus, more than 35 people with a passion for the Icelandic horse, great weather and good mood – that´s the perfect combination when going up north for the Icelandic Horse Expo Fall 2016.  

After a couple of hours driving in the beautiful Icelandic nature we got a warm welcome by Magnús and Elisabeth – and the rest of the team – at Íbishóll. 

Have you ever tasted the traditional Icelandic meat soup? Located in front of the house with a perfect view over the mountains and with young horses and brood mares along the porch we had a great lunch with soup, Icelandic kleinur, smoked lam and flatkökur.

While eating Elisabeth and Magnús showed us horses from their own breeding. One after another beautiful horses with a lot of mane and great movements were tölting past us on the gravel road. And before going to the stables we even got to bet on the fastest horse in a pace race right there in front of the house.

After seeing the traditional stable at Íbishóll we drove further into Skagafjörður. Next stop: Syðra-Skörðugil.

Here Elvar, Fjóla and their children showed us around. The paddocks were filled with horses in all various colours and the table was stuffed with Icelandic sweets, cake and coffee. Elvar told us how the breeding on the farm has developed over the years and how the combination of being a sheep farmer and horse trainer makes the perfect balance. The importance of great riding horses with good temperament – both for herding and competition - was essential.

Before leaving we were introduced to a new interesting concept. Just across the road Elvar’s brother has a mink farm and together they have developed “Gandur” – a softening soothing mink oil. The combination of handpicked Icelandic herbs and mink oil should be a great wound healing.

This Wednesday was a perfect start of the Icelandic Horse Expo Fall 2016. We are looking forward to see what the next couple of days bring us here in Skagafjörður.