We welcome a new week by visiting another lovely farm in Skagafjörður. Let's take a look at:


Hof á Höfðaströnd is located in the eastern part of Skagafjörður, north Iceland and owned by Lilja Pálmadóttir.

Skagafjörður is really the mecca of icelandic horse breeding and riding.  Good horsemanship has been evolving here for centuries as the passion and love for horses has always been a major part of peoples lives in Skagafjörður. For the past decades, the equestrian academy in Hólar has been contributing greatly to this development.

“Hof has strong ties to good horsemanship from ancient times. The ancestors of the owner that lived here were all keen horsemen and we are fortunate to be operating in this atmosphere of history and modern horsemanship that Skagafjörður has to offer.

Hof is normally receiving from 6-10 foals each year. We aspire to breed top quality horses with good temperament. The farm was nominated for the Breeder of the year Awards in 2014.  All horses shown this year got 1st prize.

Two mares with strong pedigree are the pillars of our breeding, their names are: Sefja frá Úlfljótsvatni and Glóð frá Grund II. They have been giving us excellent offsprings – Grámann frá Hofi á Höfðaströnd, Náttúra frá Hofi á Höfðaströnd, Hagur frá Hofi á Höfðaströnd, Gæfa frá Hofi á Höfðaströnd, to name a few.   

We are looking forward to welcome you at Hof á Höfðaströnd, located in beautiful Skagafjörður, a quality breeding farm with modern facilities and training methods."

To the left: Lilja Pálmadóttir with the stallion Grámann frá Hofi á Höfðaströnd who has received 9.5 for pace and 9 for tölt. To the right: Svadi, Lilja´s old competition horse, is schooling the youngsters.