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They do not only educate excellent horse trainers at Hólar University College in Hjaltadalur – they also breed very good horses. About the breeding at Hólar Sveinn Ragnarsson tells:

“The current horse breeding at Hólar was started about half a century ago. In the period 1960-1980 a large number of mares with roots in Svaðastaðir and Kolkuós were bought to Hólar from several farms in the area. However, today all the breeding mares at Hólar have the same ancestor, Þrá from Hólar, who was daughter of Þáttur from Kirkjubær and Þerna from Kolkuósi.  Þrá was the winner of the 4-year-old class of mares at Landsmót 1982 and she received honour prize for offspring’s at Landsmót 2000. Three of her daughters also hold honour price for offsprings and she has five descendants as individual winners of breeding classes at Landsmót.  Horses bred at Hólar with the highest total score are Þoka (8.64), Svaði (8.63) and Þrift (8.62).

The aim of the horse breeding at Hólar University College is to support teaching and research in the equine science department. Annually 8-10 foals are born and most of our horses become highly trained school horses that play a major role in the education and research within the school. Obviously this purpose affects the decision of selecting stallions for breeding and traits such as good character, functional conformation, clear gaits and quality of movements are valued highly. Good pedigree is also important.    

We are looking forward to meet visitors from the Horse Expo to introduce our facilities, horses and the education.  Please be welcome Heim að Hólum.”

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The brown mare on the photo is Þrift frá Hólum.