Tuesday calls for another Horse Expo interview. Today we are happy to present: 


Sindrastadir is located on the farm Lækjamót in North West of Iceland, just midway between Reykjavík and Akureyri. Ísólfur is born and raised on the farm Lækjamót. After a few years away due to school and work Ísólfur moved back to Lækjamót in 2010 with this wife Vigdís and their two sons Ísak Þórir and Guðmar Hólm. In 2011 they finished building their house and in August 2014 they opened their beautiful stable Sindrastadir.

“Our own breeding is very young but Þórir Ísólfsson, my father, has been breeding horses for decades at Lækjamót with great success.  The foundation of our breeding is the combination of two very good breeding farms, Lækjamót and Leysingjastaðir II. You can say we started breeding in 2010.  Last year (2015) we had the first horses breed by us which got first prize. The three mares Iða (4 years old), Hafdís (5 years old) and Vala frá Lækjamóti (6 years old) all got evaluated in a breeding show for the first time and received first prize.  It was a big thing for us as breeders and hopefully just the start of what more to come. In 2016 we have already had one 4-year-old mare receiving first prize, Ísey frá Lækjamóti.

We get 2-4 foals born each year but the plan is to increase that.  We have high demands for the breeding mares so we will rather have fewer and better horses. Our dream is to breed top quality horses that everyone can enjoy. The horses should have the quality to be in high demanding competitions but also have the temperament so everyone can ride them and enjoy it.  The tölt should be very good, soft with good movements and charm. Temperament needs to be excellent. When choosing the right stallion for a mare we need to see the stallion with our own eyes. He has to give us a good feeling when we watch him.  Gates, temperament, balance, movements, and bloodline are always something you have to look at. We have similar expectations for the mares that we are breeding with. It’s important that we own them well and really like to ride them. They need to have good temperament, clear and good gates and good movements.  

We are looking forward to seeing our Horse Expo guests and hope they will enjoy their visit with us at Sindrastadir. Hopefully it will make them curious about what we are doing, interested in knowing more and maybe come for a visit again.”

The pictures show two mares that we own and like very much. The first is a picture of Nútíð frá Leysingjastöðum (black mare) who received 10 for canter at Landsmót and will go to breeding. The other one is Ósvör frá Lækjamóti and will also go to breeding later. Ósvör combines Lækjamót and Leysingjastaði farms in her parents but both of these mares have the same father, Sindri frá Leysingjastöðum. 

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