The first Horse Expo Fall 2016 (Laufskálarétt) will take place in the end of September. Like in spring you can now prepare for your trip – or get tempted to join us before we are fully booked – by reading our brand new interviews with the participating breeders. First, we proudly present Íbishóll:


The farm Íbishóll is situated close to Varmahlið in Skagafjörður, North West of Iceland. Magnús has been breeding horses from Ibishóll since 1991 and in 2009 Magnús and Elisabeth build a new house on the farm. 

“Our greatest breeding achievement must be Fengur frá Íbishóli and his sister Ósk frá Íbishóli and Ósk’s two sons Óskasteinn and Snillingur. We do believe that their sister Spes has a special gift as a breeding mare and we are very excited to see what she will give us in the future!

Usually we get around 10-15 foals each year but the last two years we have added some mares and we get 20 foals now. We would like to breed horses that are fun to ride and that enjoys to be ridden, a controllable, powerful, and happy horse with good gaits and a good mind. The most important thing for us is therefore that the stallion (or mare) has something that makes us want to ride him. We like five gaited horses but we also use four gaiters sometimes. The character must be good and the gaits should be smooth, supple and powerful.

We are very proud of our farm and our horses and the beautiful view of Skagafjörður (if it is not foggy). We love to get visitors and we are looking forward to welcoming the Horse Expo guests. We have a lot of horses for sale and it is always good to meet horse enthusiasts and maybe some of our horses will be an interesting choice for the visitors if they are looking for a new horse. At Íbishóll the guests can be looking forward to see a lot of horses of all types!”