Horse Expo Spring is almost here! Before we meet in Iceland, we are happy to present: 



Árbakki is located near Hella, the southern Landsmót site.  Only 7 km up north on the bank of the river Ytri-Rangá which runs through Hella. Hinrik Bragason and Hulda Gústafsdóttir have been living at Árbakki since 2005 after having worked and lived in Reykjavik for many years and almost 4 years in Germany.

“We get around 10 foals a year. Our breeding goal is to breed a horse with a cooperative character, good gaits and movements that are suitable for sport as well as leisure and breeding. We are sport riders ourselves and we think that the character is one of the most important characteristics for a really good sports horse.

When choosing the right stallion and mare we are looking for a good character and good movements. We prefer to use stallions that have achieved good results in sport as well as in their breeding assessments. The same goes for the mares. We find it important that the slow gaits, slow tempo tölt and slow canter, are good and that the trot has a good suspension. The pace must be easy to ride and easy to slow down. Just as in the sport competitions. Also, we want to know our breeding mares well and preferably have been able to make career with them at the competition track before they become breeding horses.  

It’s not easy to define our greatest breeding achievement. Even if not breeding them ourselves, we are proud of Óður frá Brún and his son Aron frá Strandarhöfði which is or was in our possession. Our breeding at Árbakki is still young. At the moment, we are very proud of your mare Flétta frá Árbakka which was shown on Landsmot 2011 in Vindheimamelar, a four gaited mare with 9 for neck, tölt, form and character.  And 9.5 for slow tölt.  Next year we will ride in the first foal after her and we are looking very much forward to that.

Regarding Horse Expo, our expectations are to show the guests how a professional farm is run and we are very proud to introduce our farm Árbakki.  We look forward to tell them about our breeding, about what horses we have had and their results as we have a long and very interesting list of horse that we have ridden, competed on and sold. 

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all in Árbakki very soon!” 

The first photo is of Árbakki in winter and the second one of one of our competition and breeding stallions, Askur frá Laugamýri, a first price fourgaiter that recently won the fourgait in the Meistaradeild.