At the Horse Expo spring we are also looking forward to visit:



Ármót is located 118 km east from Reykjavik and 10 km from the small town Hvolsvollur. 

“In 2001 the development of Ármót started.  We have many stables housing up to 120 horses. Only specially selected stallions are used at our farm for breeding. We are able to take care of your favorite-breeding stallions, raise and train your young horses and procure the best stallions for your blood mares. Armot also organizes hunting, fishing, and special adventure events and tours. We can accommodate 14 persons in our guesthouse, and our facilities allow for grill parties, conferences and other gatherings of 200 persons.

Ármót Equestrian Centre in the Rangarvellir County has been developed as one of the most splendid horse breeding and travel service centers in the country.

Only specially selected and trained blood mares are used for breeding with the best available stallions. The blood mares are mostly offsprings of the three high quality stallions, Hrafn from Holtsmuli, Ofeigur from Flugumyri, and Orri from Thufa. I’m looking for the best quality in the stallions we use for breeding and it’s important that they have a good character.

Ármót has about 200 horses and we get around 25 foals every year. It’s our goal to have and provide the best horses in the world.

The Horse Expo guests can be looking forward to visit one of the most beautiful parts of Iceland with the most beautiful, fun and the some of the best trainers with a great sense of humor.”