HORSE EXPO SPRING PRESENTS: Vesturkot & Þóroddsstaðir

Today we've been looking forward to present Vesturkot and Þóroddsstaðir:



Vesturkot is located in the south of Iceland, 25 km east of Selfoss. The owners of the farm are Finnur Ingólfsson and Kristín Vigfúsdóttir. Þórarinn Ragnarsson is working on the farm training and showing the horses.

"In 2005 we got ownership of Vesturkot and since then it has only been known for horse breeding. Before that it was a farm for cows. We changed the cowshed into a stable for about 30 horses. Also, we built a 900 square-meter riding hall and an oval track.

Our greatest breeding achievement is definitely Spuni frá Vesturkoti, the highest judged Icelandic horse in the world. We are really proud of him. Vesturkot’s breeding goal is to breed beautiful built, good tempered and talented horses. 

First and foremost, we look at the temperament as we think that a good temperament is the most precious quality in a horse. Then we try to choose a stallion that has the same qualities as the mare but also compensate her weaknesses. We get around 5-7 foals each year. We think that’s a good number for our size of breeding.

The Horse Expo guests can be looking forward to get to know Vesturkot better and see how we operate. And of course they will get to meet Spuni and some of his offspring! “

Spuni at Landsmót in 2014 when he won the A Class Gæðingar and Hátíð frá Vesturkoti who has 8,27 in total, 8,42 for riding abilities and 8.05 for conformation.



Þóroddsstaðir is located in the south of Iceland, 10 km from Laugarvatn, which is the nearest village. The farm has been in the family since 1953. Today Bjarni and Magga live there with their family.

“Þóroddsstaðir – Laugarvatn is á well-known breeding farm. Horses have been bred there for more than half a century. Horses from Þóroddsstaðir – Laugarvatn have been prominent all the time, and every now and then they have been among the best. Þóroddur frá Þóroddsstöðum and Trausti frá Þóroddsstöðum must be our greatest breeding achievements. And several other stallions and breeding mares have gotten honorary prize for offspring.

Our breeding goal is to fulfill our dreams about well–shaped horses with great riding abilities. A special emphasis – in addition to what is most common – is on tölt and pace, healthy and right shaped feet, great mane and tale, willingness and good temperament. It’s important to us that a stallion’s weaknesses can´t be accepted because of the mare´s strength – or vice versa. This year we’ll get 10 foals.

Our children have had their first and only riding experience on these horses. As grown-ups they have become outstanding riders and trainers. That is also a breeding goal, by the way! The breeding will soon be taken over by our son Bjarni, and many of the horses are already owned by him.

We are really looking forward to welcome the Horse Expo guests. They will see an ordinary family farm, which has been buildt up in a long time by its own money. The facilities may be better on many horsefarms, but we believe that the horses are extraordinary: You might expect to see the stallions Þóroddur, Trausti, Ófeigur, Gikkur, the young mares Dagsbrún, Harpa, Fjöður, Helgi, Hnáta and the pace genius Hera(Iceland´s record holder in 250 m pace), the five-gait champion prospect Hnokki – and several other horses. Some of them will definitely be ridden for you! If someone in the group of guests has any wishes of buying a horse, it would be nice to know in advance. Among horses for sale are 1st prize mares, very fast pace horses, promising competition horses as well as  good riding horses.

We hope that The Horse Expo will help us promote our breeding: We are looking forward to showing you our horses and to share our emphasis, mentality and ideals of horse breeding.”