HORSE EXPO SPRING PRESENTS: Kvistir & Margrétarhof/Krókur

Today let's meet:



Kvistir is a horse breeding farm located in the South of Iceland, less then 100 km from Reykjavik and only 4 km from Hella. Kvistir is owned by Günther Weber and run by riding instructor and trainer Sigvaldi L. Gudmundsson, who lives there with his wife Marta Gunnarsdóttir and their two children Elísabet Líf and Helgi Hrafn. Sigvaldi started working at Kvistir in January 2016 after working as a riding instructor at Hólar University and later at the Agricultural University of Iceland. 

"Kvistir is known to have bred great horses that have been successful in competition. Horses such as Oliver and Muni frá Kvistum, which we have seen on the oval track at the World Championships, achieving great success. Also, we should mention the mare, Skíma frá Kvistum who has been attracting a lot of attention with her rider Árni Björn Pálsson lately.

One of our greatest breeding achievements is Ómur frá Kvistum. A stallion that has shown his excellence both in the breeding evaluation, where he reached the outstanding score of 9.5 both for pace and spirit, and also in competition where he showed his outstanding capabilities winning the A Class at LM 2011 with the rider Hinrik Bragason. He has been popular as a breeding stallion and his offspring are attracting a lot of attention. At the 2014 LM held in Hella, we witnessed his son Konsert frá Hofi winning the 4-year-old stallions class with 8.72 – the highest score in the world in this class that year. There are many other offspring of Ómur that have already proven themselves, and we know that there are many more good results to come!

The goal here at Kvistir is to produce top quality horses for breeding, competition and also pleasure. We get 10-12 foals a year from 1st prize mares and every year we choose stallions we believe can give us offspring that will attract attention both in beauty and talent. We strive for well built horses with high leg movements, great gaits and outstanding spirit. 

We wish to give the Horse Expo visitors an insight to the Icelandic Horse by welcoming them to our stable and allowing them to have an up-close and personal look at our breeding, showing them our horses of all ages and give them a special opportunity to meet our big star, Ómur. And of course it is our hope that they will enjoy our company and lovely horses and have a pleasant experience at the farm."


The farm Margrétarhof/Krókur is located in Ásahreppur in south Iceland between Selfoss and Hella. We have been living at Krókur for about 6 years, since 2010.

” The breeding of Margrétarhof is still very young, and not so big yet the first horse was born in 1991. In the beginning we only had about 2-4 foals every year, but now we get about 6-7 a year. We only use mares that we know very well ourselves and top 1. prize stallions.

We own one of the best stallions in Iceland, the LM winner and superstar Ölnir frá Akranesi, wich we bought 2 years ago and we have used him on all of our mares since then. Our greatest breeding achievement so far is the mare Gletta frá Margrétarhofi who was nr 4 in Landsmót 2014 in 7 years old mares.

The goal is to have a few, but very good mares in breeding, and breed horses that we like to ride – easy and light horses with good tölt and good temperament.

We have no special breeding line, in our opinion it doesn't matter where good comes from, as long as it has the looks, talent and temperament that we like. Stallion selection is geared to improve breeding mares compared to our breeding goals. We are especially looking for good gaits, high movements and a really good character.

Regarding the Icelandic Horse Expo, we are looking forward to meeting some nice people and get some new contacts in the Icelandic horse world. The visitors can look forward to seeing great facilities for training and selling horses, a spacious 43 horse stable, an inside riding arena 20x50 meters and great horses among them the superstar Ölnir frá Akranesi who was the most popular stallion on Iceland 2015.”